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Gallery of Art

          I had always wanted to learn how to paint. About 9 years ago I started picking up some art supplies when I would find them on sale. Then I started going to the library and checking out books on painting. On my free time I would practice different techniques and experiment with color. The first painting I made was a mermaid for my daughter Stephanie. Then my husband asked me to make him a painting of an old cast iron train with clouds of smoke. He did not really believe I could do it so it made me even more determined. He was very surpised with the end results. Then I started making paintings as gifts to give to friends and family. I still was not sure of myself as an artist but everyone seemed to like and appreciate the art I had given them. Soon enough I had people asking me if they could buy my art work or if I would do a custom painting for them.
           For myself art is a form of meditation or therapy. It quiets my mind and I get to imagine great things and see how they transpire onto a canvas.  
           I have decided to dedicate my art work to a greater cause. All of my art work posted in the office can be purchased for a cash donation that will go to Bob Kemp Hospice. My father in law ( Joseph Buturajac) spent the last few weeks of his life there and the care he got was phenominal. The staff there is so patient, compassionate and helpful. Everyone should be able to have that sort of care when there journey with us is coming to an end.
          So next time you are in take a look around and if you see something you like let us know.